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Laser Hair Removal Prices & Why The Difference?

womens smooth legs after laser hair removal

Pricing is a huge part of the decision making process for purchasing any item whether it be a service or a product. Laser hair removal is no different, but it can also be a little bit more confusing as all clinics charge differently.

One big reason for the difference in laser hair removal prices between clinics is the technology being offered. As with everything, some technology is going to be better than others. We won't be going into the various types of laser hair removal devices in this blog as that would take too much time due to the vast amount of devices currently on the market.

Another reason why some places may offer lower service costs is going to be their location. Vancouver laser hair removal clinics will charge more per laser hair removal treatment due to the simple fact that the cost to run a clinic is much higher than most areas in BC. Kelowna laser hair removal clinics get away with a lower cost simply because rent is lower (or it was) in this region. Most clinics tend to pass along savings to their patients as a "thank you" for your loyalty and support of their brand.

Clinics that have gained celebrity status through Instagram (i.e. plastic surgeon clinics in the states) tend to charge whatever price they want as they have patients with deep pockets that will come to their space simply because of their Instagram following.

Common Ways Laser Hair Removal Clinics Price

Many clinics will separate their price list between men and women. Men tend to have thicker and darker hair which takes longer per session to treat. Because of the additional time required, a small fee is usually applied to compensate the technician for their time.

Packages are another popular way to price laser hair removal. Typically, this is a great option for many as it offers impressive savings. While the upfront cost can be spicy, the discount is usually very good. Here are a few examples of common packages:

  • 3 Pack or 6 packs for a full body laser hair removal session

  • Underarm and Brazilian packages

  • Promotional areas depending on the time of year

What To Watch Out For (Be careful)

We love a good deal and it can bring a lot of savings, but what are some of the red flags when it comes to something being too good to be true. Discount deal websites tend to be red flags (in this writers opinion). When a medical aesthetic service is severely discounted, it means that the device is old, not a true laser hair removal device, or won't deliver the desired results. Medical aesthetic clinics avoid these sites when advertising their laser hair removal packages or specials.

Be on the look out for devices that are not health Canada approved or FDA approved. More often than it should happen, cheap devices are brought in from all over the world without any regulation to ensure the quality and safety of the machine. These machines, while may help to get rid of unwanted hair, also carry the largest risk for damage to the skin and hyperpigmentation.

Beware of dark and dirty places who offer laser hair removal. In general, avoid places that don't appear clean or reputable. Every clinic should be kept clean and sterile for all patients and staff. Luckily, here in Kelowna, there are many clinics that are reputable that offer laser hair services.

Most clinics will offer a complimentary consult to review your goals and to ensure the treatment is going to be beneficial and deliver the results intended. I highly suggest that everyone interested in laser hair removal go in and meet the technician and ask questions. If it feels like a good fit, perfect. If it doesn't, find another clinic.

To check out our laser hair removal prices, click here

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