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IV Drip Therapy

Kelowna IV Lounge

IV Therapy

IV therapy involves the delivery of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and botanicals right into the blood stream for maximized absorption. This allows patients to obtain blood concentrations far above what can be achieved with oral (supplement) administration and skips the digestive track completely. You can also supercharge specific

An IV is a great way to give your body a boost with the vitamins and minerals you may not be getting from your diet. It is also a great option for those who struggle to consistently take their supplements.

Make sure to come to your IV appointment hydrated and having consumed some food already for the day.

At Helix we have a designated IV suite where you can come on your own, or with friends, to enjoy a customized IV drip. Choose to relax in our plush reclining chairs for the 30-60 minute drip or catch up on emails with our free WIFI.

IV bag of vitamin C and other nutrients.
IV therapy drip for hydration with the helix clinic

What Vitamins do For the Body

Vitamin C - important for collagen production, immune support, disease prevention due to its antioxidant effects, improve energy, adrenal support

B Vitamins - improve energy, weight management, mood support, adrenal support, hormone production, immune support, blood sugar regulation

Vitamin D (IM only)- immune support, hormone production, mood support, weight management

Vitamin A (IM only)- skin health, immune support, eye health


Magnesium - involved in over 600 reactions in the body improve energy, reduce inflammation, improve blood pressure, pain management, immune support, improve digestion

Selenium - immune support, thyroid support, disease prevention due to its antioxidant effects, reduce inflammation, supports cognitive health

Zinc - immune support, hormone production, digestion, eye health, skin and hair support

Calcium - bone health, weight management, muscle recovery, cardiac support, blood pressure regulation, mood support

Pills on Spoons
Drug and Syringe
Drug and Syringe

Amino Acids

Glutathione - liver support, skin health

Glycine - collagen support, blood sugar regulation, sleep support, calms the nervous system
Arginine - circulatory support, weight management, athletic performance support, wound healing

Lysine - antiviral effects, general immune support, tissue repair, mood support, skin health

Proline - tissue repair, reduce inflammation, pain management, digestive health

Glutamine - digestive health, athletic performance and muscle growth, immune health, mood support

Tryptophan - mood support and cognition, sleep support, athletic performance, metabolic support

L-Theanine - reduce anxiety, improve sleep, improve memory and focus, cardiovascular support

L-Carnitine - Weight loss, energy, cellular acetyl-L-carnitine shuttle support

Other Customized Ingredient Options

Methyl Blue - mitochondrial support, improve energy, antimicrobial effects, cognitive support, mood support

NAD+ - metabolism support, pain management, mood support, cognitive support, DNA repair

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