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Pain Management

Repair, Restore, & Revitalize Injured Joints

Joint Pain
Joint Pain


Unattended injuries can lead to long standing issues and pain. Arthritis can develop stopping daily activities that once were enjoyable and reducing over all quality of life.

Stimulating injured areas such as ligaments and joints to heal can reduce pain and increase mobility.

Don't let pain interfere with your day to day activities. Let one of our pain doctors help you get back to your old self.


Now offering ultrasound guided treatments at our downtown clement location.

Advanced Injection Therapies

Using your own platelets,which contain healing factors and re-administering them to an injured tissue helps to accelerate the healing process and even start a secondary healing cascade. This leads to enhanced tissue repair in areas that don't heal well such as joints and tendons.

Step 1- Blood draw

Step 2 - Process the sample

Step 3 - Collect the platelets

Step 4 - Inject the platelets

*May be covered by extended medical benefits*

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