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The "Nipple Game" With Dermal FIllers

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, the nipple game has officially hit the web and many medispas. Many celebrities are embracing the "free the nipple" trend and models are even getting on board with the latest trends in non surgical nipple enhancement. So lets dive right in to the most common questions around nipple filler and nipple enhancement.

What Is A Non Surgical Nipple Enhancement?

Nipple filler is a treatment where dermal filler is injected into the nipple and areola to enhance the area for a more erect and plump look. It is an in clinic procedure that takes less than 30 minutes including numbing, planning and the injections.

Does Nipple Filler Hurt?

The treatment itself is actually very comfortable contrary to what many believe. When completed by an expert in the field with the proper numbing agents, many patients often report minimal or no discomfort. At The Helix Clinic we use a combination of topical anesthetic and ice for optimal comfort.

How long does the nipples Filler last?

As with any treatment, there are many factors to consider such as the amount of product used, the metabolism of the individual, and their exercise routine. For this particular area and procedure we see on average the results lasting for 1-2 years for most individuals.

What Type of Dermal Fillers are used for nipple enhancement procedures?

Flexibility is a key feature to nipple fillers to provide a naturally soft result and feel. Dr.David prefers to use fillers with the latest flexibility technology found in the Teoxane and Restylane families of products. Depending on goal of the nipple enhancement, a soft or medium filler will be chosen (Teoxane Kiss, Restylane Kysse, Restylane Refyne, or RHA 1 or 2)

Will The HA injection stretch my nipples?

Definitely not! The nipples naturally enlarge so the filler is only going to enhance the relaxed appearance. It will not stretch the tissue.

Who Would Be A Good candidate for A Nipple Enhancement With Dermal Fillers?

Almost anyone is a good candidate for nipple filler. If you are looking to enhance your look and optimize projection, you are most likley a good candidate. Individuals who can also benefit from this confidence-boosting procedure are those with small nipples, deflated nipples, inverted nipples, post breast feeding etc. The best thing you can do is book a consult to review goals and to see if this procedure is right for you.

Can you get nipple filler if you have piercings?

Nipple piercings may get in the way of the treatment but it completely depends on the size of the nipples and the piercings itself. While most individuals can still get dermal fillers to enhance the nipples, some may not achieve he same results if the piercings are larger and heavier. It is best to get an assessment to ensure the treatment is going to be effective.

Nipple filler has really become a popular treatment (still not as popular as lip filler) because of the amazing results that can be achieved. Whenever considering this type of treatment, consult with an medical expert in your area to see if the treatment is right for you and your goals. For more information, book a consult at The Helix Clinic in Kelowna BC or visit Dr David's social media: @drdavidhatton or @thehelixclinic.

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