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IV Therapy For Low Iron

Iron Infusions

Fast and efficient way to treat iron deficiency or iron deficiency anemia in a comfortable and relaxing setting. Offering both Monoferric and Venofer iron infusions.


Booking An Iron IV

Iron Infusions can be book through 2 methods at the clinic.

1- Get a referral from your GP or ND with lab work reflecting a diagnosis of low iron or anemia

2- Book an iron consult with one of our ND's to review lab work or to run lab work to check iron levels and determine if an iron infusion is the correct treatment

Lab Work Is Required Before Any Iron Infusion Can Be Administered


  • Quickly increasing the iron levels in the body and is useful for treating severe anemia cases

  • Improved energy and easier breathing (less shortness of breath)

  • Improved performance with sports and exercise

  • Helps regulate iron content which might be lost during menstruation

  • Decreases the risk of bruising

  • Mood elevation


Our Kelowna IV clinic location offers Iron Infusions as a service to support your health and wellness. Book a consultation with one of our medical professionals to discuss your individual needs and determine if an Iron Infusion is the right choice for you. Our team of experienced professionals will be there to guide you every step of the way.

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