Soprano Ice Platinum Laser Hair Removal

Pain free hair removal

Skin Care

why choose
Soprano Ice Platinum?

Virtually painless and safe for all skin types (including tanned skin) it is no wonder why the Soprano Ice is the number one award winning option for laser hair removal!

The Platinum utilizes three wavelengths making it even more effective and comprehensive for hair removal plus cuts the treatment time in half!

Areas we treat

We treat both women and men head to toe! Some common areas include:

- Underarms

- Legs/Feet

- Bikini/Brazilian

- Face/Neck

- Arms/Hands

- Abdomen

- Back

- Areola

- Beard Lines

Milk Bath
Drug and Syringe
Zero Waste Bathroom

Pre and Post Care

Pre Treatment Care

- Shave the area (not wax or pluck!) prior to appointment

- Avoid the sun for 2 weeks prior to your appointment

- Avoid applying makeup and lotions to the treatment area

- Be sure to disclose any medications to the technician prior to your treatment

Treatment Tips

- Apply sunscreen to treated area following appointment

- Avoid hot showers/steam rooms/hot tubs for 24 hours after your treatment

- Follow the treatment schedule set out by your technician to ensure all hair growth phases are treated for optimal results