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Botox For Excess Under Arm Sweating: An Effective Treatment?

Underarm sweating is a normal occurrence but excess sweating is a diagnosed medical condition known as hyperhydrosis. Our sweat glands help to regulate our body temperature, but some people sweat more than is required.

Hyperhydrosis, commonly known as excess sweating, can lead to a significant reduction in confidence and even interfere with work related interactions. Some may experience excess sweating in one focal area (the face, under arms, hands, feet) while others suffer from multiple locations of sweating.

Excess sweating can be embarrassing and isolating with many individuals agreeing that the symptom is upsetting and distracting from daily activities.

Botox, a common treatment for cosmetic purposes such as anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatments is also a main treatment for excess sweating. It works by blocking the nerve signals that transmit to the sweat glands. By stopping the signals, the glands stop producing sweat resulting in dry skin with a reduction of sweat.

Treatments for hyperhydrosis will need to be done in 4-6 months time. Botox is a temporary treatment and nerves regenerate. After a few treatments, patients may notice that they can go longer than 6 months.

The procedure is simple and relatively painless. A topical anaesthetic is put on the area being treated to reduce the sensation during the treatment. Once numb, the are is marked out and the Botox is injected using a fine 31 gauge needle.

Once the treatment is complete, the results are seen in 5-7 days.

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