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Massage Therapy For Office Work Induced Migraines

Desk jobs have become an in demand segment of the work force and an increasing amount of these jobs involve computer work. This means leaning over a keyboard, shoulders slouched in and the cervical spine (neck) tilted back. In reality, this is a recipe for shoulder stiffness, neck pain, and migraines.

When we put our bodies in a position that isn't "ordinary" for long periods of time (such as the 9-5 workday), our muscles become fatigued from having to stabilize the body in this unnatural position. These muscles begin to go into a lock down effect which is meant to help protect the body from injuries. Unfortunately, this also leads to the most common symptoms seen from desk jobs. Most people will begin with neck tension where after a short period of time will need to stretch their neck with a few neck rolling exercises. Then it progressing with a face rub or eye rub to help relieve the tension felt behind the eyes. By the end of the day, a migraine is starting and the neck muscles are tight and angry.

Massage therapy is a great option to help relieve office related neck strain as these trained professionals can target the many different neck muscles involved and reduce pain, relieve tension, and relax the affected muscles. Reaching out to a massage therapist regularly an help to instill good posture techniques during work hours to help reduce posture related issues and can even help to prevent long term degeneration often seen with poor posture.

Getting ahead of the symptoms is the best way to ensure your body stays healthy. Even though it's a desk job and the risks seem minimal, there is a greater incidence of posture related issues seen in desk workers than general laborers.

Registered massage therapists are here for a very good reason, to ensure our bodies are tuned up and feeling good. Most even direct bill to extended benefit plans to make your experience that much better. Whenever you are starting to feel neck pain from your job, get it treated before it becomes a bigger long term issue. Plus, a nice massage helps to increase serotonin which makes us a more happy individual.

Talk to one of the massage therapists at the Helix Clinic here in Kelowna to start working towards your optimal health and wellness.

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