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Lately I have seen many people with car accident related injuries. The most common is whiplash where the head and neck are whipped around from impact. This causes stretching and tearing of tissue in the neck and the bones go out of place in the spine. As the tissue heals the spine remains out of alignment and it does not feel good.

As a chiropractor, I assess the body after a car accident to determine what was injured. Then we plan a course of treatment to restore the alignment and soft tissue back to its normal function.

This reduces and eliminates pain and symptoms associated with whiplash like neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, stiffness, dizziness, weakness and tiredness. For more information check out my YouTube Video on whiplash.

You do not need a medical referral to see a chiropractor. Just book an appointment and bring your claim number!

To learn more about Dr. Cary Yurkiw and his practice please click here.

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