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Sculptra & PRP Breast Lift

An area of concern for many women as they age or after pregnancy is loss of volume in the breast tissue. Now there are many options that can be done such as radiofrequency (morpheus8), surgery, threads and even traditional filler. A new treatment that is being widely used Sculptra with PRP.

The key idea behind using Sculptra is that it is promoting the breast tissue to re-volumize and create new collagen that leads to a tighter, firmer appearance. Before we get to far, is this a replacement for a breast augmentation? Absolutely not. A breast augmentation can drastically change the appearance of the breasts while bio-stimulators can achieve a beautiful moderate change.


As breast tissue sags, it is losing fat and collagen. Collagen is fundamental for the overall structure of the skin that ensures it looks smooth and firm. With natural aging, the bodies bility to produce collagen decreases leading to volume loss, sagging and fine lines.

Bio-stimulators, such as Sculptra, encourages the body to produce collagen and elastin at accelerated rates which helps to restore and even volume to the breast area. So how does it work? Sculptra is a biodegradable product classified as a PLLA (Poly L-Lactic Acid), traditionally used in dissolvable surgical stitches. As a bio-stimulator, when injected into the deep dermis of the skin, it restores the skin underlying structure and collagen. Over a few months and with a few treatments, the moderate enhancement to the breast tissue can be seen. Remember, anything the body has to build takes time. Results do not happen overnight.


  • Top of the list is no downtime and no scarring. It is a non-invasive treatment meaning it can be down in 30 minutes to an hour without sedation.

  • Results occur over a few months so no one will known. Because of the method that Sculptra uses to stimulate collagen, results take time so there isn't a dramatic difference immediately.a

  • Sculptra can target volume, laxity and wrinkles all in one for a firm smooth results.

  • It is a non-permanent treatment. The body slowly dissolved the Sculptra leaving behind natural collagen. As aging continues, results will slowly settle and face.

  • Very minimal side effects from the Sculptra Breast Augmentation. Because of the non surgical technique, common side effects are redness, swelling, and mild tenderness. These symptoms fade within a few days after the treatment similar to a bruise.


Sculptra and PRP work well together. Sculptra is injected into the deep dermis or the skin while PRP can be injected more superficially. By targeting both layers, more collagen and stimulation can occur to enhance the overall results.

WHO IS A GOOD CANDIDATE FOR SCULPTRA NATURAL BREAST AUGMENTATION? Before we talk about who is a good candidate for Sculptra breast augmentation, lets look at who isn't a good canddiate:

  • Those that are pregnant or nursing.

  • Any history of keloid scarring or other medical reasons that the individual has excess scarring.

  • Any local skin infections or rashes. Also those that have any cold or flus.

  • Any history of severe allergies or previous issues with Sculptra or PLLA stitches.

So who would be a good candidate for the Natural Sculptra Breast Augmentation?

  • Mild loss of volume to the breast tissue and sagging.

  • Post pregnancy and breast feeding.

  • Those not wanting to undergo surgical treatment options.

  • Those understanding the results take months to see and are willing to wait.


While the Sculptra treatment takes just a few minutes to inject, post treatment you are able to resume your normal activities immediately. After the treatment, it is recommended to massage the area that was treated to ensure equal distribution of the product as it settles to achieve the best results. While some areas only require 1 treatment of Sculptra (ex neck), natural breast augmentation requires 2-4 treatments completed over a series of months to achieve the desired outcome. Results can last from 2-5 years before needing any further treatments. Other treatments may be recommended such as the morpheus8 RF microneedling to enhance the results for better results. It may be recommended to do a yearly Sculptra treatment to retain results for a longer period than the 2-5 years.


The first thing you would want to do is book a consultation to see if this treatment is the right one for your goals. An in person consultation is required as it allows the injector to see if they can achieve the results using this treatment method or if other treatments would be better.

To book a complimentary consult, click HERE

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