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Lip Enhancement: What To Know

Over the past few years, thanks to social media, lip filler has become a popular treatment at most medispas. Celebrities are posting about it and even friends and family are taking to social media platforms to showcase their freshly injected lips.

With everyone posting about it, it can be very convincing to be the next in line to get this procedure competed. Before you consider adding dermal filler to your lips for an enhancement, here are a few tips to help you decide.


As with anything, you want to go into your appointment with goals in mind. With goals, make sure they are achievable. If you have incredibly thin lips and hope to walk out with Angelina Jolie lips......that's not going to happen. Having realistic goals in minds can help you communicate with your injector and create a plan. Before going in, consider these:

  • Volume- do you want more volume added to your lips?

  • Shape- Are you looking to change the shape? Create more symmetry?

  • Definition- Do you want your lip borders more defined? Looking for an enhanced cupids bow?

  • Size- how big are you hoping to go with your lip filler?

Another way to help communicate with your injector is to bring in a photo of someone who's lips you like. You may not get 100% exactly what they have but it helps to create an expectation for your injector about what your hoping to achieve.


The great thing about lip filler enhancement is the no downtime and no surgical time required. You can immediately go back to your daily life with only a few restrictions. A few drawbacks is the potential for swelling and bruising. These are very real possibilities. Nothing life threatening but make sure you are not doing this right before a big event or photo shoot.

Most patients are instructed to give lip fillers 2-3 weeks to settle which means book your appointment 3 weeks before any big event. The last thing you want to do is get a bruise before wedding photos.


This is a great question that needs to be answered. Overall, dermal fillers designed for the lips are safe and effective. As with any medical treatment it does carry some risks that you should know. Minor risks are bruising, swelling, and lumps at the injection site. The largest risk is something called a vascular occlusion. Good news is there is an enzyme called hyaluronidase that can dissolve filler so if the clinic has that in stock, you are in good hands.


Most patients find the treatment very tolerable. Depending on the clinic performing the treatment, there are a variety of numbing techniques that can be used. Topical numbing cream is a popular option to reduce discomfort while some clinics may opt for a dental block. Some will just use ice or nothing at all. It is completely up to the clinic as to their technique. At our Kelowna medi-spa clinic, we opt for a topical numbing cream with ice. For those that are really sensitive, we will use a dental block.

In terms of comfort, there is a small pinch when the needle is inserted similar to Botox. Most products have lidocaine in them now so there will be some numbing effect take hold during the lip filler treatment.


At this time, there is no needle free option that will achieve the look that needles will for lip filler. There is device that has hit the market that uses pressure to push filler into the lip but its one that isn't recommended by health professionals due to its inaccuracy and increased risk of complications.


For all first time lip filler patients, the best route to take is booking a complimentary consult with a reputable injector in your area. Most medical aesthetic clinics offer free consults or will charge a deposit that goes toward your lip filler treatment. During these consults you can discuss your goals and develop a plan for your lips so you can walk away excited about your new lip filler lips.

Remember, come in prepared with a plan or goal, be realistic about your goals, and if you can bring a photo. If you can find a photo of a set of lips that particular injector has done even better. If you come fully prepared, your injector will be able to serve you better and the results will be amazing.

The last thing you want to do is chat budget. Make sure you know what you are spending before the treatment takes place. Most injectors are very upfront with their pricing so there shouldn't be any issues but its always important to chat and work within a budget. There are some areas that require more filler and your injector will provide you with their professional opinion on what will be required to achieve the results you've outlined in your goals.

At The The Helix Clinic in Kelowna, we offer complimentary consults for all new or first time lip filler

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