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Cool Sculpting Vs Vanquish BTL. Which is better?

Body contouring has become a huge market with dozens of new pieces of technology hitting the market. What do they all have in common? They all promise amazing results fast. Now to be the bearer of bad news, no body contouring device is going to achieve results over night but the vast majority will deliver results over time and over multiple treatment sessions.

Lets look at the two top devices currently on the market. Cool sculpting by Allergan and the Vanquish by BTL. Both are great companies and achieve up to 28% reduction in fat in the targeted areas. But lets put them to a head to head comparison on some of the basics of body contouring.

#1- Price Point

Here cool sculpting is the clear second place winner. Because the device is treated like a franchise by Allergan, it is a very expensive treatment for any clinic to offer. Vanquish is a rather affordable option as BTL does not charge medi spas a per use fee for the device.

#2- Name Recognition

Cool sculpting wins this easily as Allergan has done an amazing job of marketing the device. They were one of the first to market and because of their presence in the industry it makes it a house hold name.

#3- Results

Both devices will deliver similar results but each person will see different results (sorry, its the reality). In our clinic, we do favor the vanquish as it has a larger hand piece to target the entire stomach and flanks at the same time to achieve a more even result. However, cool sculpting may be a better fit for smaller trouble spots such as the double chin.

#4- Side Effects

Here the vanquish takes the lead in minimal side effects. Because it is a contactless device and uses heat to destroy fat cells, it has a very low risk of any adverse reactions. Some people may notice some small hard lumps under the skin post treatment but that's completely normal a positive sign the body contouring treatment is taking effect. Cool sculpting has a reputation for causing bruises post treatment meaning the down time is greater. Bruises typically go away within 2-3 weeks.

#5- Treatment Comfort

I may be biased but I find the vanquish to be a more comfortable treatment overall. It feels like you are sitting under a heat lamp or on a beach in Mexico. Add a fan and its a breeze. While the device heats the fat cells up to 40-45 degrees, the top layer of the skin stays cool. Cool sculpting isn't bad but it has a mild ache during the treatment. It uses low temperature to freeze fat cells.

In the end, choose the body contouring technology that best suits your goals and go in to the clinic/medispa for a consult to talk about the device and expectations. If you are in the Kelowna or Okanagan area, stop in to the clinic and check out our Vanquish BTL body contouring device

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