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Top 10 Tips To Slow Ageing

When we think ageing, more often than not we are thinking externally. What does our skin look like? How do I stop the wrinkles? Should I be tightening my skin? External ageing 100% an important area to consider, but what about the internal ageing? We should be thinking equally about what we are doing internally to prevent accelerated ageing or premature ageing. Today we are going to be looking at the top 10 ways to slow down ageing with 5 being external related and 5 being internal related.

Top 5 Ways To Slow Aging Internally

1- Optimize Your Liver Function

Free radical formation and an elevated level of toxin compounds in the body is a definite age enhancer. One of our main detoxifying organs is the liver, and when given the appropriate attention it can a lot to reduce internal age. This organ even produces something referred to as Glutathione which is the "Master Antioxidant" of the body. It helps to reduce free radical formation and prevents DNA mutations from occurring.

2- IV Rejuvenation (NAD Specific)

A newer area of research has targeted NAD as an anti-ageing treatment. NAD works on a cellular level and actually works of sirtuins. By going all the way down to a cellular level, NAD is able to reduce telomere depletion. Telomeres are the segments of DNA at the end of a DNA strand which protect the rest of the DNA from mutations. As the telomeres shorten, mutations become more common and more frequent leading to cancers and cell destruction. This is an area of increased research for anti-ageing purposes and even longevity.

3- Drink Enough Water Daily

The body is mostly water with it being 60% of the bodies compounds. That is a lot and also says a lot about the importance of water. Water is important for adequate blood flow, skin hydration, brain function, and for biological functions. So needless to say getting enough daily is a big deal.

4- Focus On Plant Based And Organic Meat Sources

Our foods now are increasing in unwanted toxins, pesticides and even hormones. Evolution of food production is surpassing the bodies natural evolution to digest and process these new molecules. The more hormones we get from our food sources, the more we find in our system during regular blood testing. This is even being seen with foods being sprayed with pesticides. These chemical are causing changes to the cellular DNA potentially leading to cancers. So if we can, choose organic plants and hormone free meat sources to reduce the effect on the body.

5- Manage Your Stress

This one everyone has heard before, but you might not know why it leads to increased ageing. Stress is a natural part of day to day living, but it isn't great long term. Cortisol is the stress hormone and has inflammatory properties. Chronic stress leads to excess cortisol being flushed throughout the system leading to system inflammation. Inflammation in short burst is healing but long term is actually damaging to the system. Managing and mitigating stress can help to reduce inflammation caused by cortisol.

Top 5 Ways To Slow Aging Externally

1- SPF and Sun Protection (Including Sunglasses)

We've been hearing this now for so many years but it still remains true to this day. One of the greatest enemies of the skin is UV radiation. UV rays cause damage to the skin leading to wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and even some cancers. Ensure that you are including sunscreen as a primary defence for ageing. It's an easy everyday things to do, even during the winter months. No sunscreen? Wear a hat and sunglasses. Protect your vision from free radical formation.

2- Botox for wrinkle reduction and prevention

Wrinkles are inevitable and are earned through laughter, thought, jokes, and all other human emotions. However, they are also a sign of age. They are not a bad thing but some just don't like the look. Here is where Botox can be a very effective treatment. It targets the muscle so it won't get rid of wrinkles right away. It's main job is to stop wrinkles from getting deeper.

3- Dermal Fillers To Restore Lost Facial Volume

As we age we naturally start to lose volume in our face. No this is not our felt dropping, its actually the fat pads in our face that start to diminish over time leading to our skin drooping. Hyaluronic acid fillers can be used to help restore lost volume in the cheeks, temples, jawline, and pretty much anywhere else you could think. They have even been used in the back of the hands!

4- Chemical Peels To Remove Damaged Skin And Sun Spots

Exfoliation is a key part of skin health. It works on two different levels. The mechanical stimulation causes an increase in blood flow to the area which brings oxygen and nutrients. This helps to nourish the skin cells and hydrate. The chemical peel also works by getting rid of damaged cells in the top skin layers.

5- Appropriate Skin Care Routine

Everything we do to prevent ageing doesn't compare to a daily skin care routine at home. An every day routine takes your skin to looking aged to looking youthful and glowing. Some of the preferred lines that medical professionals recommend are ZO Skincare, Vivier, and Colorscience. These are just a few, there are many other amazing brands out there to choose from. One of our personal favourites is the ZO Getting Skin Ready lines. It includes Zo Gentle Cleanser, Zo Exfoliating Polish, and Zo Complexion Renewal Pads. It's an easy and effective at home plan that works on the overall health and quality of your skin.

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