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Seasonal Allergy Fun, And How You Can Go Symptom Free

Many people suffer from seasonal allergies and instantly know when trees are releasing pollen. Their throat gets scratchy, noses begin to run, and eyes begin to water. This can happen from pollen, cats, horses, or even grass. Needless to say, this is not a fun situation to be in and it can cause a lot of issues for those that have seasonal or environmental allergies.

Now, there are a few different things that can be done to help relieve allergy symptoms such as over the counter anti-histamines or to stay inside until Spring and Summer turns into Fall. But what if you really like going outside or want to cuddle your pet? What can you do? Well the first step is determining the exact cause of your symptoms.

If you suffer from allergies but have never been tested, this needs to be the first step. Finding out the main trigger is going to help you to avoid situations that make your allergies worse but will also help you become more aware. The second step is to get on the treatment path so you can start feeling better!

One way to help your body get accustomed to your specific allergen is called SLIT therapy. Subligual Immunotherapy takes a low dose of the specific allergen and presents it to the body in order to build a tolerance. This prescription is taken daily for a specified length of time and once a tolerance is established, the body stops reacting as strongly (or at all) to the allergen. This means no more seasonal allergy symptoms or environmental allergy symptoms!

This specific treatment can be done for any environmental allergies (it must be IgE and not IgG).


The test is done in clinic and involves a scratch test where a list of common allergens are tested on the skin. If a reaction is seen (redness, itchy, raised hive) it's a positive reaction and diagnosis. Safety equipment is on site to ensure no severe reactions are seen.


The testing is very minimal. It feels like a small pressure on the arm and then if you react, it might feel itchy in the area.


We can test almost anyone!


Depending on your coverage, this visit may be covered by your insurance plan.

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