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What Is Telemedicine?

TELEMEDICINE is a great new way to access health care from anywhere in the world and still be connected to your health care provider.

Simply having access to wifi now means you have access to the same excellent level of healthcare that a clinic provides.

Feeling sick? You no longer have to travel to a walk in clinic and wait for hours to see a doctor. With telemedicine, you can book an appointment and simply set an alarm. Unfortunately, not all treatments are able to be accomplished via virtual care. Anything hands on will require an actual visit but for many people, virtual care can be a new a novel concept to take advantage.

So what types of things can be done with virtual care?

- New patient intakes can be done this way as long as no physical exam is required. Looking to get your hormones back on track? This is an excellent example of how telemedia can be used. This type of intake does not require a physical exam but will most likely require some diagnostic testing. All testing can be sent directly to lab centres where they can take a sample and send it to the lab. This can all be completed at a distance.

Once the results come back, any treatment such as a prescription, supplements, or other dietary changes can be accomplished using the same virtual care portal. Long story short, it is incredibly convenient and time saving to choose virtual care.

If you don't have easy access to health care, this is another reason to consider virtual care. The Helix Clinic is able to work with any pharmacy in BC to call in prescriptions and have them mailed directly to your door.

Can These Visits Been Charged To Extended Benefits?

Yes! As long as a video call is completed, the appointment can be charged to extended benefits. Some insurance companies do not accept phone call visits so it is best to use video.

How Do I Connect With The Doctor?

Once you have booked your appointment, an email will be sent out with a link to where the appointment will take place. At the time of your appointment is is suggested that you relocate to a private area and use headphones with a microphone to maintain privacy.

Who Can Book An Appointment?

Anyone in BC is able to book and appointment to receive healthcare and we encourage everyone tae advantage of this option.

Can I Book In With A Specific Doctor?

Yes, you can easily book the doctor of your choice by selecting the telemedicine booking under their name. This can be done online or you can call into the clinic.

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