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The Non-Surgical Nose Job

non-surgical nose job

Everyone, at one point or another, has found themselves looking in the mirror and wishing they could alter something. For some it may be whiter teeth or different coloured eyes and for others it could be a stronger jaw line. Personally, I have always wanted to tweak my nose. Now when you hear that, you're probably thinking I want a large change of the shape or size. In reality it's a very small change that I don't notice most days unless I'm shaving. My nose has a natural crease/retraction in the nasal columella (the cartilage that separates the nostrils) and it has always been a location that I felt would be better without the ridge.

For many of us, it isn't something that we spend much time thinking about but every now and then it pops back into our minds. Our little imperfections don't bother us that much to do anything major about such as a surgical nose job.

A nose job requires going under the knife and that's a very daunting thought. Movies and YouTube have ingrained it within us that any facial procedures are painful, come with lots of bruising and bandages. Also having something done that can't be undone is pretty scary.

Now what if there was another way? What if there was another route you could take to get the results of a nose job without actually having to go in for surgery?

The NON-surgical rhinoplasty, AKA nose job, is the answer. Using fine needles and placing down dermal filler to reshape the nose can gain the aesthetic effects of a nose job without the need for surgery. There is no knife involved at all, the results are not permanent, and it can be done in less than 30 minutes with no down time. Forget bandages, the results are instantaneous, and there is no need to take any time off work.

The idea of putting dermal filler strategically into the nose to reshape and form the nose is a new and exciting use of dermal filler. It opens up the aesthetic world for anyone who is curious about nose sculpting to see how they would look without the background thought of a permanent situation.

Dermal filler is the best of both worlds. You get the results you've been thinking about and wishing for without the negatives of plastic surgery. The biggest drawback occurs when you walk out with the perfect nose only to realize it won't last forever. Good news it can always been done again!

After all that, dermal filler can only go so far when it comes to corrections. For serious alterations, dermal filler may not be the answer. Book in with your aesthetic doctor to determine if dermal filler is the right course of action. If you have any questions about non-surgical rhinoplasty or dermal filler in general, contact Dr. David Hatton at Helix Integrative Health for a free consult.

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