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Dry Salt Therapy

Optimize your health and wellness with the Halotherapy Pro Salt booth. Simply sit back and relax in our state of the art dry salt booth and experience the amazing health and beauty benefits this therapy has to offer.

What Are The Benefits Of Salt Therapy?

How It Works

The HALOBOOTH™ PRO features the state-of-the-art HALO FX™ Halogenerator. It offers reliable and adjustable programming functionality that can be customized to suit any individuals' wellness needs. The HALO FX™ uses only pure pharmaceutical grade salt which is gently heated making it extra dry for a more efficient session. Once the salt is placed into the halogenerator it is finely crushed into microscopic particles and disbursed into the salt bed environment.

You can enjoy the booth on your own while listening to music through the bluetooth speaker system or you can bring a friend and relax in the booth together. With the


Halogenerator technology, the 20 minute session is the equivalent of a 60 minute treatment in a traditional salt room. While our Salt Booth reduces the time per session, medical studies in Europe have proven that the benefits of dry salt therapy are best seen with accumulative treatments. Consistency and frequency is the key to having the best results to build up a strong respiratory and immune system. Regular Halotherapy keeps the lungs and the skin clean and boosts oxygen circulation in the whole body.

Dry Salt Advantages

Benefits of Halotherapy:

✓ Helps Reduce Allergy Symptoms

✓ Improves Respiratory Health

✓ Improves Immune Resilience

✓ Anti-Aging & Skin Purification

✓ Improves Lung Function & Performance

✓ Aids Relaxation & Sleep

✓ Helps Dry Skin Conditions such as Eczema & Psoriasis


FAQs of Halotherapy

What is Halotherapy?

Halotherapy, also known as dry Salt Therapy, is an advanced take on the traditional salt caves. Dry salt air is dispersed into an enclosed environment through an advanced device called a halogenerator. This device heats the salt making it extremely dry, and kinetically more active. This pure sodium chloride is then crushed into micro-sized particles and dispersed into the air which can be breathed in or will connect with the skin providing the health benefits of dry salt therapy.

How does it work?

Pure “dry” sodium chloride (salt) is heated and ground in the halogenerator into micro-sized crushed salt particles. They are then dispersed into the air in an enclosed environment over the treatment period.

What are the benefits and conditions Halotherapy treats?

Salt therapy can help with many conditions such as:

✓ Helps Reduce Allergy Symptoms

✓ Improves Respiratory Health

✓ Improves Immune Resilience

✓ Anti-Aging & Skin Purification

✓ Improves Lung Function & Performance

✓ Aids Relaxation & Sleep

✓ Helps Dry Skin Conditions such as Eczema & Psoriasis


When should it be avoided?

Halotherapy is a natural treatment however any clients who have any serious health conditions or women who are pregnant should always seek proper medical advice before any type of treatment.

Are there any side effects?

There are typically no side effects other than the taste of salt and potentially thirst or a scratchy throat. However, if someone is on any medications or suffers from any serious medical issue please seek medical advice before any therapy.

What kind of salt is used?

99.99% pure sodium chloride (Pharmaceutical grade salt). It contains no fillers or caking agents. It does come from a natural source but it is naturally processed to remove all of its impure elements. It’s the same salt that hospitals use and is the same type of salt all the research has been conducted on. We do not recommend Himalayan or sea salt as it is not stripped of all the impurities. There could be dirt, clay or some type of debris that could be harmful to the lungs. It’s very healthy for the digestive system but not for the respiratory system.


Are there any contraindications?

As with all wellness services, always check with your doctor before starting any type of treatments if you are taking any medications.


How many sessions/times a week is necessary?

Halotherapy offers the best results when practiced regularly. The benefits are cumulative so consistency and frequency are the key. People with chronic issues will benefit greatly if visiting salt rooms at least 3-4 times a week. Those who are looking to incorporate Salt Therapy into their regular wellness routine would benefit from a weekly session. Halotherapy has been used on a daily basis without any side effects. But as in all health services, please use your own discretion.

What is the treatment durations per session?

Salt booth session are scheduled 20 minutes for the which is the equivalent of a 45 minute session in a salt room.

What will I experience when I sit in the salt room?

Salt rooms are methodically designed in such a way so that people can relax in a soothing and tranquil environment. It’s a place where one can sit back and experience the salt treatment in a very peaceful and non-stressful setting. People can read, listen to music or nap if they want to. Each Salt room is different and can have different themes and experiences depending on the type salt décor that is used. Each salt room has uniqueness about it but provides the same beneficial wellness treatment that only halotherapy can offer.


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