Common Conditions We Treat

Not Sure Where To Start?

With all the different treatment options to choose from, it can be hard to determine where to start or what treatments are going to be the best for your specific medical concerns.

Here are some of the common conditions that we treat at the clinic.

  • Acne and Skin Concerns

  • ADHD and Autism

  • Acute/Chronic pain

    • Neck and back injuries​

    • Ankle, knees, shoulders, and hips

    • Nerve Pain

    • Muscle Pain

  • Adrenal Fatigue and Low Energy

    • Acute and chronic stress​

  • Digestive Issues and Sensitivities

    • SIBO​ (Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)

    • GERD

    • Poor digestion and bloating

    • Food sensitivities and allergies

  • Fertility and Pregnancy

    • Trying to conceive

    • Pre-natal

    • Post-natal

  • Thyroid Issues

    • Hyperthyroidism​

    • Hypothyroidism

    • Sub clinical hypothyroidism

  • Migraine's and Headaches

    • Chronic migraines​

    • Seasonal allergies

    • ​Nutrient deficiency migraines​

    • Spinal related migraines

  • Women's Hormones and Health

    • Pre-menopause​

    • Menopause

    • Perimenopause

    • Hormone imbalance

  • Men's Hormones and Health

    • Hormone boosting and balancing​

    • Testosterone testing

  • Mental Health and Wellness

  • Weight Loss and Management

  • Wrinkle reduction treatments and anti-ageing therapies

    • Collagen induction therapy​

    • ​Volume restoration​

We’re always looking for qualified people to join the team. If you are a registered health professional looking for a team to join in Kelowna, please reach out and start a conversation.


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