Autism And Children's Wellness

Helping Our Kids Excel and Grow

Our kids are the future and their development is the most important part of a parents life. It is our job to teach, guide, and prepare them for the future. Some days are harder than other and sometimes we don't have the answers. This is when talking to a professional can help lift the burden and provide some insight.


Autism is a developmental disorder that has no known cure, but research is happening every day to get us closer and closer. Until that time comes, we need to be looking at symptoms and helping to reduce negative symptoms caused by external factors.

Common Cause Of Childhood/Autism Symptoms

1- Food Sensitivities and Food Allergies

Most kids growing up will discover that they do not do well on specific foods, no matter how much they may like these foods, and they lead to unwanted symptoms. Often times these symptoms cause irritation and mood issues that parents begin to notice but don't often correlate to digestive issues.


At Home Screening Tool For Autism

Common Symptoms

  • Abnormal movements or body position

  • Poor eye contact or avoidance of gaze

  • Behavioral Disturbances

  • Language barriers or delay in speaking

  • Inability to focus on multiple items.

  • Difficulty Understanding Social Cues/Dynamics

  • Difficulty with learning

  • Lack of peer engagement

  • Preoccupation With Specific Topics

  • Repetitive words and movements

  • Self harming actions (hitting, scratching, pulling)

  • Sleep issues

  • Digestive Difficulty

Speaking with a professional can help parents and family understand the symptoms and actions that are common in autism or neurodevelopmental disorders along with how to best approach proper nutrition and diet.

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