PDO Threading

PDO Threading

PDO Threading is a new technique that helps to fight the signs of aging through structure and balance.

PDO threads provide a safe and efficient method of "lifting" the face, neck and other areas of the body to help turn back the effects of time. Depending on the goals and the areas being treated, different types of threads are used. Finer threads can be used to provide minor lifting and scaffolding to an area (neck, back of hands, crows feet). Thicker threads are used to help lift skin and to provide a firm hold (cheeks, butt, knee, and more).

What Is The Process?

Threads are inserted under the skin using a blunt ended cannula (all under local anaesthetic) helping to reduce bruising. Once the threads are firmly in the place, depending on the goals, the threads can be tightened to enhance the lifting effect of the product.

How Long Does It Last?

The threads will stay within the skin for up to 6 months helping to support before they dissolve and are absorbed.

Do They Produce Collagen?

Threads do stimulate collagen production around the production which helps increase volume and overall tone and texture to the area. This will occur over a period of months.

How Long Are The Appointments?

We block an hour off for each appointment to give enough time to review the goals, the treatment, and to allow the anaesthetics to take effect.

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