Naturopathic Medicine

Getting To The Root Cause Of Issues

Naturopathic doctors are primary health care providers with a focus in preventative medicine using natural treatments to optimize health and wellness. The scope of practice for naturopathic doctors at Helix includes:

  • Nutritional Medicine (including professional grade supplements)

  • IV Therapy

  • Prescriptive Rights

  • Injections, including prolotherapy, neural therapy and aesthetic medicine (dermal filler, botulinum a toxin)

  • Botanical Medicine

  • Manipulation and Physical Medicine

  • Acupuncture


Doctors at Helix use laboratory testing (ValleyLabs/RMA) and clinical expertise to determine and develop proper treatment plans that are unique and personalized to each individual and their goals. A typical appointment with a Helix doctor includes a comprehensive patient history, a focused physical exam, diagnosis and implementation of the treatment plan.

Common Questions About Naturoapth's and Naturoapthic Medicine

Can You Prescribe Drugs?

It depends on the ND as this is an extra certification that can be obtained by your naturopathic doctor but is nota requirement. We are able to prescribe at the clinic for all our patients in BC.

What Conditions Do You Treat?

When it comes to specific conditions, our ND's all focus in different areas. Common areas are:

- Pain Management (Regenerative Injection therapies such as prolotherapy and PRP)

- Digestive Health

- Autoimmune Conditions

- Autism and Neurodevelopment (Kid's Wellness)

- Women's Health and Hormone balancing

- Stress and Cortisol Function

- Sports Medicine

Are Your Services Covered By Extended Benefits?

Yes, most of our services are covered by extended benefits which we can bill directly after your consult/visit. Some companies do require you to submit on your own.

Are IV's Covered Under Naturopath Benefits?

Yes, they can be billed under naturopathic benefits

Do You Accept Patients From Out Of Town?

We are able to accept patients from anywhere in BC. We do this through telemedicine and can even call prescriptions into your local pharmacy as well as ship supplements.

All in house services such as prolotherapy or acupuncture needs to be done in the clinic.

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We’re always looking for qualified people to join the team. If you are a registered health professional looking for a team to join in Kelowna, please reach out and start a conversation.


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