Seasonal Allergy Fun, And How You Can Go Symptom Free

Many people suffer from seasonal allergies and instantly know when trees are releasing pollen. Their throat gets scratchy, noses begin to run, and eyes begin to water. This can happen from pollen, cats, horses, or even grass. Needless to say, this is not a fun situation to be in and it can cause a lot of issues for those that have seasonal or environmental allergies. Now, there are a few different things that can be done to help relieve allergy symptoms such as over the counter anti-histamines or to stay inside until Spring and Summer turns into Fall. But what if you really like going outside or want to cuddle your pet? What can you do? Well the first step is determining the exact cause of y

Massage Therapy For Office Work Induced Migraines

Desk jobs have become an in demand segment of the work force and an increasing amount of these jobs involve computer work. This means leaning over a keyboard, shoulders slouched in and the cervical spine (neck) tilted back. In reality, this is a recipe for shoulder stiffness, neck pain, and migraines. When we put our bodies in a position that isn't "ordinary" for long periods of time (such as the 9-5 workday), our muscles become fatigued from having to stabilize the body in this unnatural position. These muscles begin to go into a lock down effect which is meant to help protect the body from injuries. Unfortunately, this also leads to the most common symptoms seen from desk jobs. Most people

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