Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Chiropractic is so much more than adjusting your spine and it is effective in helping ease pregnancy aches and pains are numerous! If you’re nervous or unsure about chiropractic during pregnancy or curious about how it can help you, take a quick read below! How can chiropractic help me during pregnancy? During pregnancy the body changes in many ways, hello hormones anyone? These hormonal changes have many effects on the body including increasing the amount of water the tissues retain, hence swollen feet and ankles (sorry mamas I know it’s not ideal). Another way the body changes is physically, the pelvis actually shifts subtly during pregnancy to prepare for the birth of the baby. This can c

The How To Guide for Cold and Flu Season

Every year this season without fail comes into our homes, and along with it comes the stuffy nose, sniffling, sneezing, and heavy head symptoms. We all know that one person that just never gets sick no matter what they put their bodies through. They could be sitting out in -5 degree weather without a coat and be completely fine. For the rest of us, we open up the window and are instantly hit with the common cold. So what can we do to help prevent it this Fall? Here is a list of the supplements that I use during the Fall and Winter as my immune boosting protocol. I also have an “Emergency” plan for when I feel a cold coming on just in case. Andrographis - This is a great herbal supplement tha

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