Brain Health and Preventing Memory Loss

What is cognition? It is more than just being able to memorize. It encompasses being able to process information, respond appropriately, and remember the activity. Cognition is an act of knowing and thinking. This takes hundreds of synaptic transmissions in the brain and it all happens in a split second. But what if the connections started to break down? Our bodies are built to put up with a lot of wear and tear but over time they naturally start to decline. With the proper care and attention our bodies should last for many many years. Unfortunately, even with the best care there is no denying the shift in activities that occur as we age once youth is no longer on our side. This is just a na

Shingles Relief

Recently my practice has seen a large influx of shingles outbreaks. Shingles is a viral infection (varicella-zoster) that lays dormant in nerve tissue after someone has been exposed to chicken pox. It can be extremely painful for some, itchy for others, and even numb for others. It involves an outbreak of a rash that has fluid filled vesicles that eventually break and crust over. A shingles outbreak can technically occur anywhere, however, most often it is unilateral, meaning on one side of the body, and most commonly on the torso. For most people it will last anywhere from one to six weeks in length. Patients occasionally will also experience systemic symptoms such as fever, chills, headach

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