The Stress of Flying

Flying is meant to be a great experience where you relax thousands of feet up in the air and are taken quickly to your destination. Unfortunately, flying isn't always as relaxing as it may sound. There are a few situations that can turn any trip from a pleasant trip to an absolute nightmare. It all starts from the moment you book that flight. When you've decided to go with air travel, you have agreed to many conditions set out by the airport. You must be there early, you have to go through security, and you must sit very closely beside the person that has the assigned seat. Depending on the time and day, you may experience no traffic getting to the airport or any issues finding a parking spo

The Value of Genetic Testing

Genetics 101 Research around genetic testing is currently moving at an alarmingly quick rate! Every single day there are new advances around different genes and their function within our health. Every cell contains DNA, which is a chemical sequence of different units. These are abbreviated as A, T, C, and G. These are packaged into a larger unit which is known as a chromosome. Every cell in your body contains 2 sets of chromosomes, one from your mother and the other your father. In a normal healthy cell there will be 23 pairs of chromosomes. Genes can be activated by many different things. This includes in utero factors, such as the stress of the mother and environmental exposures during the

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