Can Naturopathic Doctors Do Adjustments?

First, let's start by answering the question. Yes, ND's can do adjustments. To pass the BC licensing exam, naturopathic doctors must be proficient in all adjustments, including both spinal and extremity manipulation. The classroom hours required for these manipulations, not including any anatomy classes, physical medicine classes, clinic hours, or extra training, is over three hundred. That's three hundred hours learning, practicing and refining the techniques alone. Now, why would a naturopathic doctor need to do an adjustment? Joints are what allow the body to move with fluidity and free of pain. The way they are designed is to move freely, without catching or snagging on muscles or ot

The Truth About Botox and Other Neuromodulators

The amount of people looking towards preventative medicine is on the rise and the field of anti-aging is no exception. Botox and neuromodulators have quickly become a very popular treatment among all age groups for both aesthetic reasons as well as for medical treatments. When it comes to Botox and neuromodulators, the same questions continuously keep coming up. But before we clarify some of these truths, the term neuromodulator needs to be defined. A neuromodulator is a natural or medical compound that affects synaptic transmission in nerve cells by binding to receptors blocking or reducing the signal that is able to get through. There are many types of neuromodulators that are used in the

Common Myths of Ketogenic Diets

The ketogenic diet is not a new diet, however, it has been on the rise again recently due to its many health benefits, including weight loss. This way of eating encompasses high fats, moderate proteins, and low carbohydrates (on average less than 50g a day). With any diet there tends to be a lot of conflicting information making it difficult to decipher what is true and what is a myth. Below are Dr. Hennigar’s responses to four of the most common myths heard about the ketogenic diet. Myth 1: A ketogenic diet is unsafe One of the safety concerns comes from the idea a ketogenic diet will put you in a dangerous state called ketoacidosis. This is a true medical emergency, however, if you have a

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