Become DOMS Free Faster

You have just PR’d Fran or Murph….now what? Well most likely DOMS is next…or delayed onset muscle soreness. So what is exactly happening when DOMS sets in? Many believe it is caused by lactic acid, or that it is a sign of gains. However, recent research has shown this isn’t quite true. In fact that soreness is thought to be micro tears in the muscle. It is important to note that while some soreness can be inevitable, there is a point where muscle soreness becomes counterproductive to gains. The good news is there are a lot of different ways you can reduce this pain without reaching for pain medications, allowing you to get back to the gym faster. Dr. Hennigar’s 3 Tips in Getting DOMS Free

How to Avoid Joining the Liver Pandemic

Have you thought about your liver lately? Did you know that there is a “liver pandemic” currently occurring? A condition called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, or NAFLD, currently affects ONE IN THREE adults. What’s more is that 10% of children are also affected. The concern with this is that majority of these people don't know they are affected because NAFLD symptoms are non-specific and generally asymptomatic. The prevalence of this condition jumps from 30% to 90% in those who are obese, diabetic, or diagnosed concurrently with high cholesterol. So what’s the big deal about NAFLD anyways? Why should you care about your liver health? Cirrhosis, hepatic cancer, liver transplants…these ar

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