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About the Clinic

Helix Integrative Health represents advanced cellular medicine. A helix is the cellular model for DNA, and thus the starting point to where health begins. Using the most up to date science Helix Integrative Health aims to offer the most effective and up to date treatments around.

As an integrative health care clinic Helix strives to provide the Okanagan with superior health care services. These services range from naturopathic medicine, to chiropractic care, massage therapy, prolotherapy and more. Our team has been built with the goal of making Helix a facility providing you with a variety of the health care services you may need. 

Providing you with the best practitioners for the best care

Dr. Krista Hennigar

Dr. Hennigar believes in treating each patient uniquely and strives to customize treatment towards the goals and needs of the patient. She strives to meet patients where they are while helping identify and treat obstacles to optimal health.

Dr. David Hatton

Dr. Hatton believes that optimal health is a team effort. Working with patients, he develops a tailored treatment plan for each individual aimed to reduce symptoms, remove the underlying root cause, and get the results they want. Ask questions, work together and see the results.


Dr. Alana believes the health of the community starts with the individual. This drives her passion for helping her patients feel and look their best as they embark upon their life journeys.

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Dr. Jeffries wants her patients to live with optimal health and will work with the individual patient to achieve this. She will investigate the cause and create specialized treatment plans.

Dr. Tara has a clinical focus in neurodevelopment and pediatrics. In a world of health information overload, Dr. Tara is committed to helping people navigate their own personal health journeys. 

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Dania brings a warm and collaborative approach to her clinical work. She believes that therapeutic change is best facilitated when the client has a sense of safety and understanding with their therapist.

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Nicole understands that acupuncture pins can be daunting and works with her clients to reach a level of relaxation while still achieving results. 

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Phoenix's style of treatment varies from injury rehabilitation, chronic pain, sports massage, deep tissue, and relaxation.

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